Collection: For dogs

The Natural Goodness for Your Four-Legged Darling

Maintain the health of your pet with the 100% scientifically supported power of herbs.

Maximum Natural: Nutrition specially tailored to the species is crucial for the health and comfort of our animals. Therefore, in our range for your four-legged darlings, we consistently rely on herbs and completely abstain from artificially produced substances.

Maximum Effectiveness: We use herbs in pharmaceutical quality (quality defined in the pharmacopeia). This guarantees a standardized content of active ingredients in the drug. In formulating our recipes, we ensure that the effect of herbs is deliberately tuned to the specific problem. The strength of the effect lies in the correct combination. Thanks to our medical and phytotherapeutic knowledge, we can harness the synergy of the healing power of plants and herbs.

Maximum Transparency: Our products do not contain additives such as emulsifiers, preservatives, or glutamates. We particularly ensure that the herbs used do not exhibit contamination with harmful substances such as pesticides or molds, which we regularly test in Austrian laboratories. The production process, as well as the content, is openly and transparently declared. You won't find ineffective substances like bulking agents with us.

You receive the 100% scientifically supported healing power of herbs - Nature meets science.